Schedule – Intro to Zazen


We meet Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm in Fayetteville, WV. 

For directions to in-person sitting or for the Zoom link, please contact Sensei Jenny

304 640 4179 or

What to Expect

For those new to the practice, we will show you how to do Zen meditation.

We normally do one 25-minute round of zazen (silent, seated meditation) with kinhin (walking meditation). The meditation period is followed by a short talk and opportunity for discussion. Sensei offers Daisin (private meeting with the teacher) upon request. This may be requested before or after (not during) the meditation period.

If you have to leave early that is fine, just please do so as quietly as possible if you must leave during meditation.

There is some Zen etiquette, which is important to follow, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly, I promise. There will be plenty of time for questions before we start sitting and after we finish. 

Please note that we do this as a “secular” practice. We do not generally do Buddhist chants or liturgy. This is simple zazen designed to be welcoming to those of all faiths, or no faith.

How to Practice Zazen

The instructions are simple: You can sit on either a cushion or in a chair. Dress comfortably. Loose clothing is helpful but not crucial. If you have a meditation cushion or yoga mat you can bring it. We have some spares as well (especially if you let us know you’re coming!). 

If you’re joining us for practice online, Make sure you have a secure spot for whatever device you are using to connect and that it’s plugged into power (because this service can drain the battery). If you have meditation equipment to use (such as zafu, zabuton, seiza bench or a firm chair) that is ideal. We do ask that you set aside this time for only this, if possible. Please refrain from eating, checking messages, etc during the practice. The check-in and Talk periods are less formal.

You may find the following video helpful – how to sit by Roshi Ellen Birx of New River Zen Community

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